How to Wear a Dress as a Skirt (Without Looking Frumpy!)


Sweater: Madewell XS, Dress: Loft XSP (similar here and here), Boots: Marc Fisher 6, Pouch: Everlane


I know what you probably thought when you saw the title. "Um...don't you just throw a shirt over a skirt and call it a day? Really helpful, Devinne."

Here's the thing: while the formula is stupid easy, it's also easy to completely screw it up. You can't just wear any top over any dress and expect to look like a million bucks. Believe me, I've messed it up many a time before I learned the rules for making it work. There's just a few things you need to keep in mind:

Make Sure Your Top Hits Your Hips

Or higher. The one thing you need to avoid is wearing a top that's too long, especially if you're short like me. A long top will throw your proportions out of whack, stretching out your torso while reducing your legs to stumps. Keeping your top above the hips will give you legs for days.

Go for a Mini Dress

The shorter the dress, the longer the legs. I had this dress hemmed to hit my fingertips, and I've found that's the perfect length for mini dresses and skirts without revealing too much. If it were much longer, I would look like I was drowning in fabric!

Pick the Right Shoes

I've mentioned this before, but it is so important to make sure you pick the right color shoes. Always match them to your bottoms, or to your skin tone if you're going bare-legged. By doing that, you avoid disrupting the line of your legs, which means they look longer!

So that's it! Let me know what you think in the comments!