5 Petite-Friendly Looks You Need to Copy in March

chicago petite 5 petite friendly looks you need to copy in march

Ah, March. Here in Chicago, that means 31 days of unpredictable weather. I've experienced days that seem to go through the entire season cycle, and let me tell you, dressing appropriately for the weather is no small task! 

Thankfully, I have a ton of inspiration for outfits that will get you through the month. Take a deep breath and check these out!

When in doubt, put a trench on it. Throw it over pretty much anything to keep warm with a touch of Parisian chicness. I also love the turtleneck and skirt combo on its own—definitely a great spring outfit formula for the office!

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Hands down, this was one of my personal favorites from last year. Skinny jeans, loafers, and a striped tee—there's nothing more classic than that. Top it with a camel coat (I love this one because the toggles make it a little different) when it's chilly, or tie a silk scarf around your neck when the air turns balmy.

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 Credit:  Fashionably Lo

If you read this post on how to style midi skirts, then you know I'm crazy about this outfit! I love the simple but chic color palette because it can take you pretty much anywhere: work, date, brunch, etc. If you're feeling a little chilly, I'd suggest adding a faux fur wrap since a coat might not look amazing over such a full skirt.

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 Credit:  The Golden Girl

Nothing says spring like white jeans, am I right? Pale tones are a signal that spring has sprung, so I love this mix of white, blush, and beige. Plus, like the other looks so far, this one is effortlessly cool. Just tuck the front of a light sweater into your jeans, throw on loafers, and you're ready to go. For cooler days, swap out the silk scarf for a chunky knit one and wrap yourself in—you guessed it—a trench.

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 Credit:  Extra Petite

Credit: Extra Petite

It wouldn't be me if I didn't include at least one Extra Petite outfit, would it? This one is perfect for those warmish days at the end of the month that call for light layers. It's casual, but the heels dress it up just a little bit.

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