4 Monochromatic Looks Guaranteed to Make You Look Taller

4 Monochromatic Looks Guaranteed to Make You Look Taller.jpg

You probably won't believe it, but back when I was a teenager, I was totally into the goth look. Chains and zippers adorned every inch of my midnight-black clothing, and I would glide through the halls of my high school feeling like a total badass.

It might seem silly now, but I was actually onto something back then. Wearing a single color in your outfit actually makes you look taller! It's no wonder I felt confident—all those black-on-black looks from high school were visually adding inches to my height.

Now that I've moved on from that era, I'm ready to embrace monochromatic looks again. This time, though, they don't have to be just black. Here are four of my favorite single-color outfits:

 Credit:  Brooklyn Blonde

I love this look as an office friendly way to incorporate this theme. The crisp button down + sweater combo always looks polished, especially with those amazing pumps. I also love the mix of textures, from denim to a chunky knit to a striped cotton blouse, which keeps the outfit interesting.


 Credit:  Un-Fancy

Credit: Un-Fancy

This is the ultimate spring brunch outfit. It looks comfy as heck (that crewneck sweater!), but the pointed toe flats and white jeans make it look like you put in just a little extra effort. I love the idea of just swapping out the top with other light blouses to suit the season.


 Credit:  Chic and Silk

Of course I had to include one all-black outfit here! I love this one because it looks like a shirt and pants combo, when it's really a jumpsuit. Talk about easy! Jumpsuits and maxi dresses are a great way to work the monochromatic look without the stress of finding two pieces that match in color. 


 Credit:  Gal Meets Glam

If this outfit isn't a dream! It's really the perfect way to bring the monochromatic look into something that works for special occasions. The shades of pink are just slightly different to give a little interest, but they're similar enough to make the effect work. 


Which one is your favorite?

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