How to Wear Boyfriend Jeans for Petites

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If there's one thing I hate, it's lists of fashion don'ts. I mean, who has the authority to write up arbitrary rules for how to get dressed? I'm firmly in the "if it feels good, wear it" camp, so as a petite lady, I take issue with being told I shouldn't wear midi skirts, oversized bags, or boyfriend jeans. I like 'em, and I'm gonna wear 'em!

That being said, it never hurts to make sure that something looks flattering on your body, and that can be tough when you're on the shorter side. Tough, but not impossible. Read on to find out how to make boyfriend jeans a fashion "do" for petites!


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The whole point of boyfriend jeans is to look relaxed and casual and oh-so-cool, but never frumpy. The jeans I have on here are a liiiiittle bit loose in the calves, but they skim my thighs and stay close to the rest of my lower half. If you stick to jeans that are a little on the slimmer side, you'll make sure to avoid losing your body in an ocean of denim.


 Credit:  Extra Petite

Credit: Extra Petite

If your jeans are a little looser, one trick is to pair them with pointed-toe nude heels. The heels literally add height while the pointed toe gives the illusion of lengthening your legs. The nude tone also helps make it look like your legs go on a little further!


The whole point of boyfriend jeans is to make them look like you stole them from—guess who?—your boyfriend. So unless your man is short (like my 5'4" ex), you gotta cuff them! Just don't go overboard here. The bigger the cuff, the shorter it makes you look. PLIG's got it right: the cuff is just over an inch wide, and it looks so good!

If you're afraid of trying out boyfriend jeans, I hope these tips helped. Let me know in the comments where you stand on boyfriend jeans! 

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