5 Winter Essentials Every Petite Girl Needs

chicago petite red modcloth dress

Yikes. It's only the beginning of January, and already I wish it were June again. Chicago, like the rest of the country, is going through a bitter cold snap. It takes 110% of my willpower just to take Moxie for a quick walk, and I've been getting everything (clothes, meals, groceries) delivered to my door. Brrrr!

My wardrobe has been suffering a bit lately, too. All I want to do is cozy up in my fleece-lined leggings, oversized sweaters, and fuzzy socks! The thing is, all this bundling up is making me miss getting dressed up, so I decided to put together this list for other petite girls who are just trying to get through January alive!

chicago petite wool toggle coat

1. Wool Toggle Coat

On all but the very coldest days of winter, this coat is my go-to. It's incredibly warm and keeps Jack Frost at bay, plus it goes with almost every outfit. You really can never go wrong with camel, IMO! Know what else makes this coat so amazing? It hits me right in the middle of my thighs, so I don't get swallowed up in a sea of fabric!

chicago petite black heeled boots

2. Heeled Boots

Like coats, boots are an essential for winter, but they can be just as cute as they are functional! Dressing in thick layers can sometimes make a short girl look too bulky, but if you add a little height, it can go a long way. Look for booties with chunky heels, and if it's icy, you can opt for winter boots with a small wedge.

chicago petite oversized cream sweater

3. Big Sweater

If you think cozy sweaters have to look frumpy, think again. Petite ladies are at a greater risk for getting swallowed up in fabric, but the trick to looking impeccable is to tuck in the front of your sweater into high-waisted pants or skirts. It instantly adds inches to your frame, PLUS you kinda get a little hug from your sweater.

chicago petite black velvet blazer

4. Quirky Blazer

I didn't used to be a blazer girl, but now I swear by them. They're so perfect for winter because they keep you nice and warm, and they automatically make you look like a million bucks. Get yourself one in a fun print or fabric, like this velvet one, for a little extra oomph. Just make sure it hits right at the hip to make you look nice and proportional.

chicago petite red a-line dress

5. Go-to Dress

Here's the thing: in the depths of winter, you may get to a point where you can't wear your jeans anymore (I'm there). That's why you need a stretchy dress in a thick fabric to keep you cozy and comfortable. I love this red one because it can be dressed up or down and is juuuuust short enough to look good with flats or heels.