5 Petite Sweaters to Keep You Cozy All Winter

5 Petite Sweaters to Keep You Cozy All Winter.jpg

This morning, when I opened up my bureau drawers to scrounge up an outfit, I realized that while my sweater collection is fairly large, it's seriously lacking in the fun department. Gray, cream, and gray again—that's about all I've got in there. Since I'm planning on only wearing sweaters from now until May (yes, spring in Chicago doesn't start until then), I figured I should start investing in some new duds. Here are my top picks for petite-friendly sweaters:

chicago petite ann taylor long cardigan

Long Cardigan

You don't see many petites wearing long cardigans, and that's a darn shame. They look so sophisticated, yet they keep you toasty! When it hits above the knees, you can avoid that "kid wearing mom's bathrobe" look. I'd also recommend wearing something high-waisted so you can tuck in your shirt and make your legs look like they go on forever.

Ann Taylor, $98 (currently on sale for 40% off)

chicago petite anthropologie sweater

Knotted Back

Sweaters aren't always what I could describe as sexy, but this one totally is. The open back and knotted detail are just gorgeous. Need a little extra coverage? A lacy bralette would look amazing peeking out.

Anthropologie, $118

chicago petite loft red sweater

Punchy Color

If this sweater could talk, it would be saying, "LOOK AT ME!!!" and that's exactly what I love about it. Stand out from a sea of grays with a colorful sweater like this one. I'm also a fan of its subtle bell sleeves.

Loft, $69.50

chicago petite ann taylor button sleeve sweater

Button Sleeve

What are the buttons for? No idea, but that doesn't stop this sweater from being as cute as—wait for it—a button. (Sorry, I couldn't resist!) This is one of those sweaters that does double duty as a work-friendly piece with a little extra personality that you can take into the weekend.

Ann Taylor, $79.50

chicago petite anthropologie cardigan

French Knot Cardigan

Ah, cardigans. That one piece of clothing everyone keeps stuffed in a desk drawer for when it gets chilly. This one is a huge exception. This is the kind of cardigan you plan whole outfits around. How can you keep all those colorful French knots hidden away?

Anthropologie, $148

So what do you guys think? Which one is your favorite?

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