Outfit: Little Gray Dress

 Dress: XS Urban Outfitters (old), Scarf: Old Navy (old), Shoes: 6 ModCloth (old)

Dress: XS Urban Outfitters (old), Scarf: Old Navy (old), Shoes: 6 ModCloth (old)

Whether it's ordering from a new restaurant or quitting my job, I'm good at making decisions. I don't hem and haw; I weigh my options and go for it—and I don't look back.

The thing is, after I make my decisions, I tend to change course pretty quickly. Some of you know me from the old Mox and Socks days (God rest its soul), which I abandoned early this year. Soon after that, I decided I wanted to quit my office job. Then I decided I wanted to become a photographer. And now...well, now I want to blog again, and get a regular job, and only do photography on the side.


Sometimes I worry that I'm always going to be a dilettante, dabbling in this, that, and the other for the rest of my life. Is this really so bad, though? Trying out so many different things has helped me figure out what I do love and feel passionate about. I love writing and photography, I love being surrounded by people, I love going out and about—these are things that have developed precisely because of all my snap decisions.

That being said, I can't tell you how long Chicago Petite will be around. I'll keep posting until I don't feel like it anymore, and then it's on to the next project. How does that sound?

Petites, read on:

This dress is originally from Urban Outfitters. I've found that their mini dresses are pretty well suited for shorter girls, which makes me wonder how short they'd be on someone who's average-sized.