5 Easy Ways to Look Tall in Flats

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5 Easy Ways to Look Tall in Flats

I’ve mentioned this before, but my primary concern when getting dressed is comfort. Sure, I like to look nice, but if something doesn’t feel good, odds are I’m not gonna wear it. That goes for stiff dresses, tight jackets, ultra-skinny jeans, and even heels. They may make me look like a million bucks, but I’d rather ditch the pain and go on my merry way. My rule of thumb? If I can’t walk my dog in it, then I don’t want to wear it.

So here I am, a petite blogger who hates wearing heels. What’s a little lady to do about that? Well, if you’ve been reading along for a while, you already know a slew of tricks to help make you look taller, but I want to share a few more that focus specifically on those times when you just want to slip on a comfy pair of flats. I’ve got five ideas to help you fake a little extra height, so read on!


Pointed-toe shoes work wonders for making you seem taller. They create the illusion that your legs extend a little longer than they really do. Rounded toes, on the other hand, stop you short. The only thing I would add? Don’t get crazy with the point—if it’s too long, your dad might call them elf shoes (like mine. Hmph).

2. SHOW SOME SKIN (on your feet)

 Source: Kelly in the City

Source: Kelly in the City

I know I tend to harp on it, but showing a little skin here and there is a kickass way to make you seem taller. Spring for a pair of flats that reveals more of your foot—ballet slippers and most sandals are great for that. While I do love me some loafers, they aren’t really the best choice for maximizing leg length.


This is one of my favorite illusions. When you wear shoes that closely match your skin tone, it makes people think your legs are super long. Nude flats make it appear as though your legs simply carry on and on. Now, don’t go throwing out those ah-dorable red ballet flats, but just keep in mind that the nude ones have a little secret superpower.


I’m not saying there needs to be a D.A.R.E. program for ankle straps, but they can be a bit unhelpful for petite ladies. Ankle straps cut off your leg right at the ankle, which can make you look a little stumpy. The exception to this is nude flats with ankle straps. Wear those all you want!


 Source:  The Golden Girl

Like I said in point 2, showing some skin is always a good idea for stretching you out. Think cropped pants, shorts, and mini skirts here. You pair flats with those pieces and everyone will be like, “Wow, look at them gams!” (I mean, if this were a 1940s musical.)

Want to look taller but not willing to sacrifice your comfort? Me neither. Just remember these five tips and you’ll be golden!

10 Petite Off the Shoulder Pieces You Need in Your Closet (Under $100!!)

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10 Petite Off the Shoulder Pieces You Need in Your Closet

When the off-the-shoulder trend first made its appearance, what did you think? If you’re anything like me, you gave it a little sneer and thought, “That’s dumb. What kinda bra am I supposed to wear with that, anyway?” Then, somewhere during the summer, you became a total convert. You saw all the cool girls flaunting their décolletage and thought it looked sexy—undergarments be damned! Sleeves and straps became a thing of the past, and you became a proud bare-shoulder babe.

Now, if you’re not already a big fan of the OTS style, then let me tell you why it’s so perfect for you, mon petite friend: showing a little bit of skin is one of the tricks you can use to look a little taller. Nope, it doesn’t just have to be your legs—showing off your shoulders does the same thing! Ready to give it a try? Check out my favorite picks!

10 Petite Off the Shoulder Dresses Under $100

Ah, nothing says spring like a dress that flows in the wind. I love the ruffles on the skirt—they can help if you’re lacking a little in the booty department. Wear this with a pair of low-top sneaks for the weekend or dress it up with nude heels for an afternoon wedding.

This top is so sleek, I can hardly stand it. That ruffle at the bust is perfect for us chicks with small boobies, since it adds volume at your chest. You know how I’m picturing it? Some skinny jeans and a pair of tall heels, amirite?

I did a little double-take with this jumpsuit. I’m not normally a fan of longform denim (read: dresses and jumpsuits), but this one really jumped out at me. I love that it’s midi-length and has a tie at the waist—so perfect! Wear this to brunch and you’ll be the chicest one of the bunch.

Speaking of midi-length, how about this number? No ruffles on this one—it’s pared down and oh so classic. A dress like this can be easily dressed down for day and up for night, so have fun with it!

So far, there hasn’t been a lot of color, but then this sexy red dress appears! I love how fitted it is, and again, that ruffle does wonders for small busts. Wear it on a date, but do not (I repeat, do not!) wear this to a wedding unless you want to show up the bride.

Nothing crazy Is going on with this top, which makes it the perfect piece to mix and match. It’s elegant enough to wear with a satiny circle skirt and heels, but I can also envision it with sailor shorts and boat shoes.

I have a dress similar to this one in my closet right now, and I always pull it out when I want to feel supremely confident without trying to hard. It’s a more dressed-up version of the fourth dress that just begs to be taken out.

THOSE SLEEVES! Yeah, this top has a lot going on, but I love it. The buttons plus the flare at the end? Yes, please. I also love the little ruffle along the hemline. I swear, you wear this anywhere, and everyone will be asking you where you got it.

Speaking of sleeves, I love these ones too! Those ties at the wrist are the perfect touch. That gorgeous orangey-coral color is also giving me serious summer vibes. Wear this with white shorts and thank me later.

Wouldn’t be me if I didn’t include a striped top, now would it? Those vertical stripes will help elongate you, so go ahead and lie about your height on Bumble. I love this top for nighttime, but if you work in a business casual office, you might even be able to wear it there! (Check with HR so you don’t get in trouble!)

So how do you feel about the off the shoulder trend? Which one of these is your favorite?

4 Ways Petites Can Rock Cuffed Jeans

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4 Ways Petites Can Rock Cuffed Jeans

Get the look! Top: Madewell (sold out, but check out this, this, and this instead!), Jeans: Old Navy (sold out, but check out this pair instead!), Loafers: Topshop, Clutch: Rachel Pally

Last fall, I bought a pair of pants that were exactly the right length. They came down right to my anklebone and stopped there. They didn’t carry on until only my lil’ piggies were showing, nor did they cover half my instep. Believe me when I tell you that it was a miracle.

Most of my pants, despite being petite sized, are just too long on me. At just under 5’1”, I’m well below the 5’4” standard that most petite clothes are made for, which means I either have to get my pants hemmed (lol no) or get real creative with cuffing them. 

I didn’t realize until recently that there are so many (okay, four) options for shortening up those hems. Until recently, I just did a standard double fold, but I’m gonna take you through a few other ideas. The best part? Even if you’re not crazy short, all of these cuff styles look awesome no matter how tall you are!

4 Ways Petites Can Rock Cuffed Jeans


If you read my post on four ways to fake long legs, then you know how I feel about a narrow cuff. If you haven’t, the main idea is that wider cuffs can make you look choppy, so the smaller the better. All you have to do is make one ½” fold, and then fold it again on top of itself. Flatten it out to make it look a little polished. That’s what I’ve done in these pics!

4 Ways Petites Can Rock Cuffed Jeans
4 Ways Petites Can Rock Cuffed Jeans


Instead of making the cuffs all crisp, these are a little more casual. Simply start out with a 1” fold and roll it again on top of itself. You can even gently pull on/pinch it to make it looser (ya know, kind of like when you pancake your braids). This works best with boyfriend jeans since there's more fabric to work with.

4 Ways Petites Can Rock Cuffed Jeans


This is one of those sneaky cuffs that I do when I’m too lazy to get my pants hemmed. All you need to do is tuck the hem underneath—usually 1”-2”. This works best with pants and jeans that have some stretch, since it won’t hold as well on 100% cotton.

4 Ways Petites Can Rock Cuffed Jeans


For an even more casual vibe than the rolled cuffs, give this style a try. First, make a 1” fold. Then, fold over just one side. This will make your cuffs slant up on an angle. Smooth them out and get going!

4 Ways Petites Can Rock Cuffed Jeans

See? There’s all kinds of ways of making your too-long jeans look too cool. If only I could go back and tell High School Devinne that I had better options than my extra-wide cuffs. (Not knocking wide cuffs, but they’re hard to pull off on shorter bods—and if you think I’m short now, I was smaller back then!)

Let me know which style is your favorite! Are there any that you’re looking forward to trying out?

Get the look! Top: Madewell (sold out, but check out this, this, and this instead!), Jeans: Old Navy (sold out, but check out this pair instead!), Loafers: Topshop, Clutch: Rachel Pally

Photos by Hannah Schweiss Photography